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ExtraTorrent is a common and huge torrent website that many torrent enthusiasts consider to be the best portal for downloading the new songs, movies, shows, games, videos, apps, and other forms of media content files in the torrent ecosystem. There are a variety of reasons for its success, including enhanced usability and simplicity of the P2P file-sharing system; a large number of magnet links from a wide range of content categories; and improved search engine technology that allows anyone to scan for almost any online site. ExtraTorrents, to be exact, is a website that caters to individuals' desires for streaming, uploading, and distributing all types of multimedia content without charging them anything.

However, owing to patent violations, ‘ExtraTorrent', along with several other prominent domains, was shut offline indefinitely in 2017. As a result, if you try to visit the web, you'll see that it's down or has no links, so certain ISPs can only give you restricted or no access to the content of blocked Extratorrent Site.

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